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China made Hart field communicator

The HART475 Communicator is an upgraded version of the HART375 Communicator, which is used with the HART communication protocol instrument to set, change and display it, which monitors input / output values ​​and self-diagnostic results. Set the constant current output and zero. When the system is activated or maintained operation, as long as the HART Communicator connected to 4 ~ 20mA communication signal line, you can use.
● During the on-line monitoring and communication communication, the modulation signal does not interrupt the 4 ~ 20mA DC signal
● HOM communicator with HART communication protocol HART Communicator can be used with all instruments using HART communication protocol
● Easy to operate large screen (4 lines, each line of 18 characters), the use of Chinese display, the user saw a clear, set and change convenience
● Information self-diagnosis / protection function
● Full-function communication: communication support HART protocol flow meter, temperature meter, transmitter
● large screen display: display interface larger and clearer, the use of imported LCD screen
● HART intelligent equipment can be produced for testing, diagnosis and inspection
● Configuration, calibration, diagnostics, maintenance, monitoring, etc. for HART intelligent devices in the field
● Obtain the manufacturer information of the field HART meter
● Understand the working status and fault information of the HART meter
● Read the output current and process variables of the meter
● Obtain the parameters and output values of the sensor
● Set, change and display various parameters, HART communication
● Constant current output
● Zero Additional features:
● Format protection requires a password to be formatted
● Battery Alarm The alarm information displayed on the LCD indicates that the battery voltage is low

Load resistance: 250 ~ 600Ω
Load capacitance: 0.22uF 
The following load inductance: 3.3mH the following: (1) () () () () () () () () () () And the power line spacing: 15cm or more (to avoid parallel alignment) 
Display: 128 * 64 dot matrix LCD 
Display control: touch switch (4 arrow keys, 16 function keys, a power switch)
LCD contrast adjustment normal working conditions Ambient temperature: -15 ~ 55 ℃ Storage conditions: Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
Battery: 3 x built-in rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery

Package includes:

1 x Charger
1 x Cable
1 x Communicator
1 x Bag
1 x Use Manual

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