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Detailed description of the model features and use occasions of Yokogawa Instruments EJA smart transmitter

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1. Features of EJA Smart Transmitter:Yokogawa Instruments EJA smart transmitter for sale-Suge

Adopt single crystal silicon resonant sensor

The direct output of the sensor is the frequency signal, which can be directly connected with the single-chip microcomputer.

High accuracy, the general accuracy is 0.065 level

High stability and high reliability, continuous overvoltage test of 100,000 times.

No need to adjust the zero point after 5 years of continuous work

Fully support four fieldbus communication protocols of BRAIN/HART/FF/PROFIBUS

External zero/span adjustment possible

2. The use occasions of each model of Yokogawa Instruments EJA smart transmitter are as follows:

1. The EJA110A series are general products of differential pressure transmitters, which are suitable for differential pressure and liquid level measurement, and are one of the most used products on the market.

2. EJA120A is a micro differential pressure transmitter, suitable for occasions with a very small differential pressure range, the smallest can measure 0.1KPa, the largest can be 1KPa.

3. The EJA130A is a high static pressure differential pressure transmitter, the highest static pressure can reach 50MPa, suitable for the measurement of differential pressure and flow in occasions where the static pressure of the pipeline is particularly large.

4. EJA210A EJA220A is a flange-mounted differential pressure transmitter (also known as a single-flange liquid level transmitter), suitable for liquid level measurement in open vessels. The diaphragm of EJA210 is a flat diaphragm, and the diaphragm of EJA220A is Convex diaphragm. The minimum liquid level can be measured to 10 cm and the maximum to 10 meters.

5. EJA310A is an absolute pressure transmitter, suitable for occasions where absolute pressure needs to be measured.

6. The EJA430A is a pressure transmitter with a range of -0.1-14MPa, which is suitable for various pressure measurement occasions.

7. The EJA440A high-pressure pressure transmitter can measure up to 50MPa, which is suitable for high-pressure measurement occasions.

8. EJA510A EJA530A direct-mounted absolute pressure and pressure transmitter, the most used pressure transmitter.

9.EJA118W/EJA118N/EJA118Y belong to the diaphragm seal type differential pressure transmitter (also known as the capillary double flange liquid level/differential pressure transmitter), which is suitable for measuring the flow, level, density and pressure of liquid, gas and steam . EJA118N is a convex diaphragm EJA118W is a flat diaphragm EJA118Y is a flat one convex diaphragm.

10. The EJA438N EJA438W diaphragm sealed pressure transmitter (capillary single-flange liquid level/pressure transmitter) is suitable for the measurement of pressure, liquid level and density in open vessels.Yokogawa Instruments EJA smart transmitter suppliers-Suge 2

11. The EJX910A multi-variable transmitter is suitable for the measurement of mass flow of various liquids, gases or steam. It dynamically calculates the fully compensated mass flow of temperature and differential pressure and converts it to 4-20MA signal output.

12. EJA213/EJA223 sanitary liquid level transmitters, EJA113W EJA433W EJA533 sanitary diaphragm-sealed differential pressure and pressure transmitters are mostly suitable for liquid level measurement and control in pharmaceutical companies.

13. EJA115 small flow transmitter, suitable for accurate measurement of small flow, the minimum flow can be measured 0.016L/min and the maximum can be measured 23L/min The built-in orifice has six inner diameters, ranging from 0.508mm to 6.350mm.

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