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E+H Cerabar S PMP71 Absolute And Gauge Pressure

Pressure transmitter with metal sensors;
Overload-resistant and function-monitored;
Communication via HART;
Subcomponent suitable for custody transfer measurement with NMi approval


Cerabar S serves as a component of a system suitable for custody transfer measurement, for highly accurate measurement of pressures, and finds application incustody transfer. It satisfies the applicable requirements in accordance with OIML R117-1 Edition 2007 (E) and EN 12405-1/A1 Edition 2006.

The Parts Certificate is issued on the basis of the following standards:

WELMEC guide 8.8 “General and Administrative Aspects of the Voluntary System of Modular Evaluation of Measuring instruments under the MID”.

OIML R117-1 Edition 2007 (E) “Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than water”.

EN 12405-1/A1 Edition 2006 “Gas meters –Conversion devices – Part 1: Volume conversion”.

The Cerabar S pressure transmitter is used for the following measuring tasks:

Absolute pressure in gases or liquids in all areas of process engineering and process measurement technology

International usage thanks to a wide range of approvals

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