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EJA210E Differential Pressure Transmitter

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS Refer to GS 01C31T02-01EN for Fieldbus communication type and GS 01C31T04-01EN for PROFIBUS PA communication type for the items marked with “◊.” □ SPAN AND RANGE LIMITS Measurement Span/Range kPa inH2O (/D1) mbar (/D3) mmH2O (/D4) M Span 1 to 100 4 to 400 10 to 1000 100 to 10000 Range -100 to 100 -400 to 400 -1000 to 1000 -10000 to 10000 H Span 5 to 500 20 to 2000 50 to 5000 0.05 to 5 kgf/cm2 Range -500 to 500 -2000 to 2000 -5000 to 5000 -5 to 5 kgf/cm2 □ PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS Zero-based calibrated span, linear output, wetted parts material code SW for 3-inch flange flush type, and fill fluid code B. For Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA communication types, use caribrated range instead of span in the following specifications. Specification Conformance EJA-E series ensures specification conformance to at least ±3σ. Reference Accuracy of Calibrated Span (includes terminal-based linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability)

Static Pressure Signal Range and Accuracy

 (For monitoring via communication or on indicator for BRAIN and HART communication type. Includes terminal-based linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability) Range Upper Range Value and Lower Range Value of the static pressure can be set in the range between 0 and Maximum Working Pressure (MWP*). The upper range value must be greater than the lower range value. Minimum setting span is 0.5 MPa (73 psi). * : Maximum Working Pressure (MWP) is within flange rating pressure. Accuracy Absolute Pressure 1 MPa or higher: ±0.5% of span Less than 1 MPa: ±0.5%×(1 MPa/span) of span Gauge Pressure Reference Gauge pressure reference is 1013 hPa (1 atm) Note: Gauge pressure variable is based on the above fixed reference and thus subject to be affected by the change of atomospheric pressure. □ FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS Output “◊” For 4 to 20 mA HART / BRAIN (Output signal code D and J) Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal. Output range: 3.6 mA to 21.6 mA Output limits conform to NAMUR NE43 can be preset by option code C2 or C3. For 1 to 5 V HART (Output signal code Q) Three or four wire low power 1 to 5 V DC output with HART, linear or square root programmable. HART protocol are superimposed on the 1 to 5 V DC signal. Output range: 0.9 V to 5.4 V DC Failure Alarm For 4 to 20 mA HART / BRAIN (Output signal code D and J) Output status at CPU failure and hardware error; Up-scale: 110%, 21.6 mA DC or more (standard) Down-scale: −5%, 3.2 mA DC or less For 1 to 5 V HART (Output signal code Q) Analog output status at CPU failure and hardware error; Up-scale: 110%, 5.4 V DC or more (standard) Down-scale: −5%, 0.8 V DC or less Damping Time Constant (1st order) Amplifier damping time constant is adjustable from 0.00 to 100.00 s by software and added to response time. Note: For BRAIN protocol type, when amplifier software damping is set to less than 0.5 s, communication may occasionally be unavailble during the operation, especially while output changes dynamically. The default setting of damping ensures stable communication. Update Period “◊” Differential pressure: 45 ms

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