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Electromagnetic flow meter's characteristic

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Characteristic of density flow meter

1. The measurement is not affected by the changes of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity;

2. There are no flow blocking parts and pressure loss in the measuring pipe, and the requirements for straight pipe section are low. Unique adaptability to slurry measurement;

3. Reasonably select the sensor lining and electrode material, that is, it has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

4. The converter adopts novel excitation mode, with low power consumption, stable zero point and high accuracy. The flow range can reach 150:1;

5. The converter can be integrated or separated with the sensor;best electromagnetic flow - Suge

6. The converter adopts 16 bit high-performance microprocessor, 2x16lcd display, convenient parameter setting and reliable programming;

7. The flowmeter is a two-way measurement system with three integrators installed inside: forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount; It can display positive and negative flow, and has a variety of outputs: current, pulse, digital communication, Hart;

8. The converter adopts surface mount technology (SMT), with self inspection and self diagnosis functions;

9. The measurement accuracy is not affected by the changes of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity. The sensor induced voltage signal has a linear relationship with the average flow rate, so the measurement accuracy is high.

10. There is no choke in the measuring pipeline, so there is no additional pressure loss; There are no movable parts in the measuring pipe, so the service life of the sensor is very long.

11. Because the induced voltage signal is formed in the whole space full of magnetic field and is the average value on the pipe load surface, the straight pipe section required by the sensor is short and the length is 5 times the pipe diameter.

12. The converter adopts the latest and most advanced single chip microcomputer (MCU) and surface mount technology (SMT), with reliable performance, high precision, low power consumption, stable zero point and convenient parameter setting. Click the Chinese LCD to display the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, flow rate, flow percentage, etc.

13. Two way measurement system can measure forward flow and reverse flow. Special production technology and high-quality materials are adopted to ensure that the performance of the product remains stable for a long time.

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