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Four types of transmitters or sensors' introduction

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 Rosemount™ 56 dual-channel transmitter Rosemount™ 56 Dual-channel transmitter - Suge

The Rosemont 56 dual-channel transmitter is a line-supply equipment, can receive PH/orp sensor, ise, flow, current, conductivity sensor (contact and ring) sensors, turbidity sensor and amp (dissolved oxygen, chlorine and ozone sensors) sensors.

The Rosemont perph-x™ high performance ph/orp sensor

The Rosemont perph-x™ High Performance phorp sensor - Suge

The Rosemont perph-x™ High Performance ph/orp sensor integrates a variety of innovative design technologies, extended the service life of the sensor during severe high temperatures. High temperature, dirty pollution, surface material accumulation and toxication conditions can all lead to accelerated deterioration of glass PH sensing membranes. 3400HT/3400HTVP type sensors can reduce the total product input cost and avoid frequent sensor replacement. 

Rosemount™ 228 toroidal conductivity sensorRosemount™ 228 Toroidal conductivity sensor - Suge

The ring sensors can operate well in a high conductivity liquid of up to 2 s/cm (2,000,000 us / cm) ,Such sensors still operate properly in dirty and corrosive environments where metal electrode sensors fail .The reliable sensor design makes the Rosemont 228 very suitable for measuring the concentration of acid, alkali, and salt solutions. 

Rosemount 3051 commissioning of transmitter Rosemoutn3051 Commissioning of transmitter - Suge

The commissioning of the Rosemont 3051 transmitter mainly includes the verification of the configuration data of the transmitter and the test transmitter.It should be noted that the 3051 transmitter is due to its high applicability and stability ,the commissioning process can be performed before or after installation. corresponding commissioning work was also carried out in the factory before delivery. No matter what kind of commissing method is used, we recommend commissioning the transmitter on the workbench using a dedicated hand operator or ams equipment manager,That is, commissioning after the installation, this ensures that all the parts of the transmitters are in a normal working state. 

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