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Insertion electromagnetic flow meter

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Description of electromagnetic flow meter accuracy

electromagnetic flow meter accuracy company-SugeGMF400 Insertion electromagnetic flow meter is composed of insertion electromagnetic sensor and electromagnetic flow converter, used to measure the conductive liquid that electrical conductivity is greater than 5 us/cm, it is used to measure the water, sewage, acid, alkali and other medium. Suitable for measuring the large pipe of diameter DN300~DN3000mm. Installation can be divided into a online installation type of the cut-off valve and water control installation type without stop valves.

Features of electronic magnetic flow meter

1. Simple structure, no moving parts, long service life.

2. Don't need lining, don't need ground ring, small volume, light weight, convenient installation.

3. Insertion electromagnetic flow meter with stop valves can realize the installation,dis-assembly, easy maintenance and maintenance when continuous streams.

4. Flow measurement is only related to insert depth, so with the feature of wide commonality, strong interchangeability. A model can be applicable to all kinds of pipe flow measurement requirements.

Specification of density flow meter

electronic magnetic flow meter price-Suge

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