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  • May
    Stainless steel pressure gauge's matters needing attention

    IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number represents the level of dust prevention and prevention of foreign invasion; The second number indicates the tightness against moisture and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. The protection level represented by the two marked numbers is described as follows

  • May
    Stainless steel pressure gauge's introduction

    Stainless steel pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power station, food and other industrial departments to measure the pressure of various fluid media in the process flow with high requirements for corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. The gauge adopts direct contact connector and pressure sensing element materials, icr18ni9t, ocr18ni12mo2ti and SUS316. The structure is fully sealed.

  • May
    Flow meter looks forward to the future

    The innovation from mechanical flowmeter to electronic flowmeter is one of the most important development trends of flowmeter. Target flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter and V-cone Flowmeter (orifice flowmeter) work based on electrical principle, so as to avoid the moving parts that need to be replaced in the work of mechanical flowmeter.

  • May
    Temperature instruments' usage method

    1. First observe the measuring range, graduation value and 0 point, and the measured liquid temperature shall not exceed the measuring range; 2. All the glass bubbles of the thermometer shall be immersed in the measured liquid and shall not touch the bottom or wall of the container; 3. Wait for a while after the thermometer glass bubble is immersed in the measured liquid, and read after the indication of the thermometer is stable;

  • May
    Temperature instruments' types-part 2

    Digital thermometer​ uses temperature sensor to convert (temperature) into digital signal. Then the temperature in digital form is displayed through the display (such as LCD, nixie tube, LED matrix, etc.), which can quickly and accurately measure the maximum value of human body temperature. Compared with the traditional mercury thermometer, it has the advantages of convenient reading, short measurement time, high measurement accuracy, memory and prompt sound.

  • May
    Temperature instruments' types-part 1

    The rotary thermometer is made of a coiled bimetallic sheet. One end of the bimetallic sheet is fixed, and the other end is connected with the pointer. Due to the different expansion degree of the two metal sheets, the crimp degree of the bimetallic sheet is different at different temperatures, and the pointer then points to different positions on the dial. The temperature can be known from the reading on the dial.

  • May
    Temperature instruments' invention and improvement

    The thermometer was first invented by Galileo in Italy from 1643 to 1592. His first thermometer was a glass tube with an open end and a glass bubble the size of a walnut at the other end. When in use, first heat the glass bubble, and then insert the glass tube into the water. With the change of temperature, the water surface in the glass tube will move up and down.

  • May
    Temperature instruments' working principle

    Thermometer is a tool that can accurately judge and measure temperature. It is divided into pointer thermometer and digital thermometer. According to the difference of use purpose, a variety of thermometers have been designed and manufactured. According to the difference of use purpose, a variety of thermometers have been designed and manufactured.

  • May
    Electromagnetic flow meter's lining selection

    It can resist the corrosion of hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, ammonia, phosphoric acid and 50% sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide at room temperature, but it is not resistant to the corrosion of strong oxidants Measure general acid, alkali and salt solutions 1. Excellent elasticity, high breaking force and good wear resistance 2. It is resistant to the corrosion of general low concentration acid-base and salt solution, but not resistant to the corrosion of oxidizing medium

  • May
    Electromagnetic flow meter's characteristic

    The flowmeter is a two-way measurement system with three integrators installed inside: forward total amount, reverse total amount and difference total amount; It can display positive and negative flow, and has a variety of outputs: current, pulse, digital communication, Hart; The converter adopts surface mount technology (SMT), with self inspection and self diagnosis functions

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