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Oxymax COS61D digital dissolved oxygen transmitter

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Memosens fluorescence method dissolved oxygen transmitter, suitable for water, sewage and public works.

Oxymax COS61D is a high-performance digital dissolved oxygen transmitter that provides fast, accurate and drift-free measurement. It has the characteristics of low maintenance, high applicability and simple operation. The long-term stable fluorescent layer of the sensor has oxygen selectivity (no interference), ensuring reliable measurement at all times. Using Memosens digital technology, Oxymax COS61D has maximum process and data integrity at the same time, and is easy to operate. Can carry out laboratory calibration and equipment pressure transmitter-Suge

Advantages of the oxygen transmitter

1. Minimum maintenance requirements, maximum applicability

2. Fast, drift-free measurement for precise aeration control and process monitoring

3. Long-term stable measurement to improve process safety

4. The best measurement performance, can be used in various explosion processes (SBR, Anamox, etc.)

5. No chemical reagents: no electrolyte treatment

Application field of the oxygen transmitter

Oxymax COS61D for dissolved oxygen concentration measurement

Sewage treatment plant:

-O2 aeration tank control

-Process water treatment and monitoring


-Drinking water status monitoring (oxygen enrichment, corrosion protection, etc.)

-River, lake or sea water quality monitoring

Public works:

-Biological treatment control

-Process water treatment and monitoring

Fish pond:

-Optimal growth condition control

Application of dissolved oxygen transmitter

Aeration tanks, river water monitoring, water treatment, fishing grounds.

Features of dissolved oxygen sensor

Digital optical (fluorescence method) dissolved oxygen measurement.

The medium does not need to flow, and the measurement can be measured in still water.

Measuring range:




Measuring principle:

Oxygen sensitive molecules (markers) are integrated in the optically active layer (fluorescent layer). The surface of the phosphor layer is wetted with liquid. The sensor optics is directly under the phosphor layer. The sensor optics sends a green light pulse signal to the phosphor layer. The marker body excites deep red fluorescence. The duration and intensity of the response signal directly depend on the oxygen concentration and oxygen partial pressure.


-The calibration parameters are stored in the sensor.

Strong EMC protection.


Sensor body: stainless steel 1.4571; film cap: POM


Diameter: 40 mm (1.56 inch);

Length: 220 mm (8.58 inch)

Process temperature: -5...55°C (23...131°F)

Process pressure: maximum 10bar (145psi)

Temperature sensor: NTC temperature sensor, 0...50°C (32...122°F)

Process connection: G1" thread

Cable connection: integral cable or TOP68 connector.

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