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Roots flowmeter

Product Description :

Gas roots flowmeter is a kind of gas monitoring and measuring instrument with high precision, high reliability and wide range.Intelligent gas roots flowmeter is a new type of flowmeter which integrates flow, temperature, pressure sensors and intelligent instrument on the basis of roots flowmeter.Intelligent gas roots flowmeter is an ideal instrument for measuring non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, city gas, propane, nitrogen, industrial inert gas, etc.


Main features of the product

 ♦ Wide range:

   According to different specifications, the highest range can reach 1: 216

♦  Low initial flow:

   According to different specifications, the minimum starting flow can reach 0.04 m3 / h.
   Long - term precision is not affected by medium, long-term operation and stable precision.

♦ Pressure loss is small:

   According to different specifications, the pressure loss is 0.08 kPa - 0.58 kPa.
   High integration and low power consumption:
   Using advanced microcomputer technology and high performance integrated chip, the whole machine has powerful functions and superior performance.

♦  Compact structure:

   Pressure sensor, temperature sensor and flow sensor are all built in, making the structure more compact.
   Digital pressure and temperature sensor:
   Digital temperature sensor and digital pressure sensor are configured, calibrated and verified separately, and easy to replace, maintain and use.

♦ Subparagraph correction:

   According to the flow frequency signal, the instrument coefficient can be automatically corrected in six sections to improve the wide range accuracy of the instrument.

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