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Rosemont 5408 radar level ometer

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Emerson has introduced a dedicated edition of the Rosemont ™ 5408 contactless radar liquid level transmitter meeting the specific requirements of bulk solid level measurements, through advanced technology and people-oriented design principles. The SIL 3-capable device provides enhanced accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, support for improved process optimization and equipment safety in a wide range of industries. liquid level transmitter - Suge

 Advanced surface tracking and anticondensation cone or parabolic antenna enables the Rosemont 5408 to provide reliable measurements in very demanding applications. In addition, radar chip technology replaced circuit boards, the radar interference noise source that causes signal interference is eliminated, improved measurement accuracy and reliability. To further improve device reliability, a unique embedded power backup eliminates the vulnerability of intermittent power consumption. 

Rosemount™ 5408 level transmitter - non-contacting radar

The Rosemount™ 5408 Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter uses enhanced technology and Human Centered Design to deliver accurate, reliable measurements on both liquids and solids material. Using two-wire FMCW technology the Rosemount 5408 deploys a continuous echo to maximize radar signal strength and produce a more robust and reliable measurement. Delivering ease-of-use at every touch point, the Rosemount 5408 uses an intuitive software interface to guide the operator through installation, commissioning, proof-testing and maintenance. Safety certified to IEC 61508 for SIL 2 applications, the Rosemount 5408:SIS reduces cost of risk, increases efficiency and protects people and the environment.

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