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Rosemont coplanar pressure transmitter

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The Rosemount 2051 pressure transmitter meets industry standards and applies for differential and surface pressure measurements.The transmitter has been safely certified and has a local operator interface, easy-to-use menu and built-in configuration buttons for easy debugging.The product incorporates patented coplane technology for better flexibility to integrated pressure, flow or level solutions.Rosemount 2051 company - Suge

Measurement type: Differential pressure gauge  pressure

Accuracy: Up to +/0.05% of the measuring range

Stability: Up to 0.125% of the upper range limit , can be used stable for 5 years

Warranty:Up to a 5-year limited warranty

Range ratio: up to 100:1

Protocol: 4-20 mA HART , wireless HART, Foundaiton field bus, PROFIBUS 1-5V low power consumption, HART

Measurement range: Differential pressure measurements were as high as 1379 bar, gauge measurement as high as 1379.

Performance of up to 0.05 %  gauge-range accuracy. The patented co-faceted technology allows the installation of equipment directly into pressure, flow or level solutions for flexibility. The manifold can be fully assembled to the manifold with a sealed primary flow element for direct installation. The menu of the local operator interface is easy to use, built-in configuration button for thin debugging. SIL  2/. certified by IEC 61508 (via a third party) , FMEDA  data pre-use authentication, installation security.

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