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Rosemont electromagnetic flow meter's parameters

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System description of electromagnetic flow meter

The 8700M Magnetic flowmeter platform consists of a sensor and a transmitter. The sensor is installed in-line with the process piping; the transmitter can be integrally mounted or remotely mounted to the sensor.electronic magnetic flow meter cost-Suge

1. Operation panel unlock

 Press long ↑ 3s, when hint press → for unlock then press → 3s, hint press E for unlock press E for 3s, until display: display unlocked, press ↑ or ↓ enter the parameter menu. 

2. Operation panel lock 

 Press ↑ 3s, when prompt to press → locked press long → 3s, when press E lock then press E 3s, until display: display locked.

3. Flow unit setting 

Press ↑ or ↓ select Basic Setup - Flow Units - PV Units, after select, press E for confirm. 

4. The output of 20ma corresponds to the flow range setting 

Press ↑ or ↓ select Basic Setup - PV URV(20mA- measure upper limit low rate), after selection press E for confirm .

5. Pulse flow settings 

Press ↑ or ↓ select Detailed Setup - Output Config - Pulse - Pulse Scaling, after selection (for example 1PLUSE=0.1m3) press E for confirm. 

confirm Line Size: press ↓ select Basic Setup -- Line Size consistent with nameplate. 

confirm Cal Number press ↓ select Basic Setup -- Cal Number and consiline with the nameplate. 

6. Change the transmitter panel display variable 

Press ↓ select Detailed Setup -- LOC CONFIG (LOC) --FLOW DISPLAY

Change the original flowrate and % span to flowrate and gross total (Instumulative instantaneous and total flow)

7.The second row of the panel shows the cumulative flow settings 

Totalizer - config/contorl - security - LOI contorl - allowed;

press ↑ or ↓ selected Detailed Setup - LOI Config-Flow, Total A, after selectionand press E for confirm.

Instruction: Check the following parameters if the total flow display is still not exhausted 

Totalizer - config/contorl - security - write protect - WP START/STOP - not protect

Totalizer - config/contorl - security - LOI contorl - LOI start-start all

Totalizers> Config/Control> Security> LOI Control> LOI Start/stop (enable)

Totalizers> Config/Control> Security> Write Protect> WP Start/Stop (disable)

Totalizers> View Total A/B/C> Start ALL

Suge can receive PH/orp sensor, ise, flow, current, conductivity sensor (contact and ring) sensors, turbidity sensor and amp (dissolved oxygen), chlorine.

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