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Rosemount 3051 transmitter's precautions

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As a type of sensor widely used in the industrial field, pressure transmitters are often used in industries such as transportation, aerospace, petrochemical, and water conservancy facilities. In order to ensure the accuracy of the transmitter measurement, it must comply with its use and maintenance guidelines during use.

Use matters

In addition to the influence of the transmitter's own quality, strict requirements must be imposed on the contact medium in its use. The specific content includes:

1. The temperature of the measuring medium: 

For different measuring mediums such as liquid and gas, their temperature is different. Therefore, a suitable transmitter must be selected to extend the life of the transmitter.

2. The chemistry of the measuring medium: 

Due to the different types of pressure transmitters, their specific performance characteristics are also different. In the content of measuring medium, it is necessary to analyze and understand the chemical properties of the measuring medium.

3. The accuracy requirements of the transmitter: 

The higher the accuracy level of the transmitter, the better. In addition to the actual working conditions, the price must also be considered.

4. The working environment of the pressure transmitter: 

Whether it is working outdoors, whether the working environment is humid, whether there is interference in the surrounding environment, etc.

5. Measuring range: 

The determination of the measuring range is of great significance for avoiding the overload damage of the transmitter.

Maintenance guidelines

1. Do a good job in the cleaning and maintenance of the transmitter, and regularly clean the transmitter and its accessories.

2. In order to prevent the transmitter from being blocked by foreign matter, it is necessary to drain it regularly or clean its pressure pipe.

3. Regularly calibrate the pressure transmitter.

4. Check and adjust the display value of the pressure transmitter to ensure the accuracy of the display value.

5. Perform regular inspections on the various parts of the transmitter to see if there are damages, loose fasteners, and nameplate wear.

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