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Rosemount 5300 Level Transmitter Guided Wave Radar

Rosemount 5300 Level Transmitter Guided Wave Radar

•Industry leading measurement capability and reliability
•Safety certified to IEC 61508 for SIL2 applications
•Increased plant availability with predictive maintenance and easy troubleshooting
•Reduced instrument count and process penetrations with a multivariable transmitter



Optimized to suit more applications

Suitable for most liquid and solids level applications and liquid interface applications

Handles even the most challenging applications reliably, including process vessels, control, and safety systems

Easy retrofit in existing chambers or available as complete assembly with high quality Rosemount chambers

Large coaxial probe optimized for interface applications were there is a need to measure level and interface level all the way up to flange

Best performance and uptime

Unique Direct Switch Technology and Probe End Projection improve capability and reliability particularly in challenging applications

Single lead probe for long measuring ranges, obstructions and low dielectrics ensures reliability in more applications, such as viscous media

Signal processing algorithm makes it possible to distinguish between two liquids with a top layer down to 1 in. (2.5 cm).

Robust design and increased safety

Heavy-duty unique hardware for extreme temperature and pressures with multiple layers of protection

EchoLogics and smart software functions provide enhanced ability to keep track of the surface and detect a full vessel situation

Third party approved for overfill prevention and Safety Integrated System SIL3 suitability

Easy installation and plant integration

Easy upgrade by matching existing tank connections and cut-to-fit probes

Multivariable device reduces the number of process penetrations

Pre-configured or easy configuration in Rosemount Radar Master with a five-step wizard, auto connect, and online help

Minimized maintenance reduces cost

Easy online troubleshooting with user friendly software, utilizing powerful echo curve and logging tools

Signal Quality Metrics diagnostics detect product build-up on probe to monitor turbulence, boiling, foam, and emulsions

Predictive maintenance with advanced diagnostics and Plantweb alerts

Modular design for reduced spare parts and easy replacement of the transmitter housing without opening the tank

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