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Select Rosemount 3051 transmitter's parameters

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In the procurement process of many users, the project is still in the bidding stage. At this time, the project contractor will usually get the relevant parameters and model of the transmitter. If there is no relevant parameter, please contact the project party in time to obtain it. For example, what if a contractor of a filtration project does not know anything about the Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter? It doesn't matter, our company has relevant technical staff who will provide you with complete help.

First of all, the contractor does not have reliable reference data on which brand, model, and price of the required transmitter when making a budget. At this time, you need to understand the following relevant parameters of the transmitter, so that we can help you select and quote, and maximize your budget.

The basic parameters of the pressure transmitter are as follows:

1. Transmitter type: such as differential pressure, liquid level, high static pressure, etc.

2. Output signal: There are three choices of HART, Brown and Zongxian

3. Range

4. Material of wetted parts

5. Installation method

6. Whether with display header

7. Mounting bracket

8. Whether it is explosion-proof (introduction to explosion-proof design)

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