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Three Phase Four Wire Intelligent Electricity Meter

Three Phase Four Wire Intelligent Electricity Meter

three-phase charge control intelligent electric energy meter is a kind of modern advanced instrument designed and manufactured according to the actual power consumption of industrial users by using large-scale integrated circuit and high-precision special chip for electric energy measurement, and the communication ability and reliability of its carrier module have also reached the degree of wide practical application, and digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology.



(1) With power metering function

(2) Maximum demand recording function

(3) Multi rate function

(4) Remote charge control function

(5) Phase failure recording function

(6) Loss of voltage recording function

(7) Loss of current recording function

(8) Full loss of voltage recording function

(9) Voltage reverse phase sequence recording function

(10) overcurrent recording function

(11) Current imbalance recording function

(12) Overload recording function

(13) Undervoltage recording function

(14) Overvoltage recording function

(15) Cut off recording function

(16) Recording function of total power factor exceeding lower limit

(17) Data wheel display function 

(18)Key display function

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