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Wika pressure gauge check type 342.11

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Wika Pressure gauge application

1. Suitable for gas and liquid medium not high viscosity or not easilycrystallized 

2. Precision measurements in the laboratory

3. High-accuracy pressure measurementwika air pressure gauge company - Suge

4. Test and verification of industrial pressure gauges

Functional characteristics

Knife pointer and dial with mirror curved scale for accurate reading 

Zinc and white copper wear-resistant parts, which can achieve precision movement

Standard sizeis 250mm,the table scale is particularly clear and easy to read

range:as high as 0…160MPa

Wika pressure gauge description

Design: Compliance with en837-1 standards, including shipping box and factory inspection certificate (checkpoint list listed separately)

Standar d size (mm): 250

Class of accuracy: 0.1

Wika  pressure gauge range: 0...0.06 to 0...160MPa

Or all other equivalent negative pressure range or positive and negative pressure coupling range

Adjust the medium

≤2.5MPa: gas

>2.5MPa: liquid

Wika Pressure gauge pressure limit 

Stability: Full range value

Volatility: 0.9 x full range value

Allowable temperature

Ambient temperature: -20…+60℃

Medium temperature: Max +100℃

Temperature effect

When the temperature of the measuring system fluctuates around the reference temperature (+20℃), the maximum change is ±0.4%/10K of the range

IP grade

IP54,Compliance with the en60529/lec529 standards

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