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Wireless Remote Meter-Reading Gas Meter

Wireless Remote Meter-Reading Gas Meter Wireless Remote Meter-Reading Gas Meter There is micropower multi-channel embedded wireless data transmission module inside of the gas meter, and can transmit meter data, such as gas flow to the wireless meter reading system, then the management staff can...
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Wireless Remote Meter-Reading Gas Meter

There is micropower multi-channel embedded wireless data transmission module inside of the gas meter, and can transmit meter data, such as gas flow to the wireless meter reading system, then the management staff can inquiry each user gas power consumption via the support of software, and at the same time, the staff can also remotely control the gas meters.

This remote meter-reading way can avoid the traditional meter-reading house-by-house, save the cost, easy operation and convenient maintenance, can greatly improve the management efficiency.

The microcomputer inside of the gas meter can calculate and store the gas quantity automatically, and can automatically test the battery status. When the battery has no power, the valve will close automatically; when the gas meters are attacked by strong electricity, magnet, the valve will also close automatically.

The wireless data transmission module adopts high efficient error correct encoding technology, and greatly improve anti-disturbing and sensitivity, low power consumption, long distance transmission, thus it realizes high efficient wireless data transmission.


1. Remote meter reading

The smart gas meter transmits meter data by wireless meter reading network, the management staff can inquiry gas consumption, valve status, and battery status etc, they can also read meter remotely by wireless meter reading software or hand held unit.

2. Close valve remotely

The gas meter will close valve and stop gas supply after get the command of close valve from the wireless software or hand held unit.

3. Allow to open valve remotely

Transmit command of open valve to the gas meter by wireless software or hand held unit, the gas meter will enter into allow to open valve status after get the command, while not directly open valve.

4. Open valve

When the gas meter in the status of allowing to open valve, press the button on the meter shell, the gas meter will open valve to supply gas (note: press the button cannot open gas meter valve to supply gas if the meter is in the status of forbidden to open valve)

5. Close valve when attacked

When the gas meter is attacked by strong electricity and magnet, the meter will close valve automatically. Please remove the attack source firstly, and then press the button to open valve and recover gas supply.

6. Replace battery

It needs to replace battery if the gas meter stops gas supply automatically, the batteries are 3 pieces of AAA alkaline dry battery. When replace battery, open the battery cover, replace the old battery with new one, and then press the button on the meter shell to recover gas supply.




FQ-W Smart  gas meter  





Permanent Flowrate  

1.6 m³/h  

2.5 m³/h  

4.0 m³/h  

Maximum Flowrate  

2.5 m³/h  

4 m³/h  

6 m³/h  

Minimum Flowrate  

0.016 m³/h  

0.025 m³/h  

0.040 m³/h  

Transitional  Flowrate  

0.25 m³/h  

0.4 m³/h  

0.6 m³/h  

Initiate Flowrate  

≤3 dm³/h  

≤5 dm³/h  

≤5 dm³/h  

Total Pressure Loss  




Cyclic Volume of Gas Volume Meter  


Minimum Reading  


Maximum Reading  


Accuracy Level  

Class 1.5  

Leak Tightness  

No  leakage when ≤15kPa  

User Steal Gas Power  

Close  valve automatically and send attack meter information to the software  

Working Current of Static State  



qmin≤qqt ≤±3%;qt≤qqmax ≤±1.5%  

Working Temperature  


Working Pressure  


Communication Frequency  


Transmitted Power  


Communication Protocol  


Transmission Speed  


Maximum Communication Distance  

300m(in open  field)  

Power supply  

3×1.5V (AAA  Alkaline dry battery)


1. Micropower technology: the power consumption is less than 10μA at ordinary times, adopt timing detect technique to improve the battery life.

2. Electrical valve technique: adopt electrical valve technique, work reliably and lower loss of pressure.

3. Totally sealed design: all the circuits are sealed by high performance casting glue, so there is no exposed electrode, good leak tightness.

4. Anti-attack of strong electricity or magnet: gas meter will close valve automatically and give indication when being attacked by strong electricity or magnet.

5. Wireless transmission technique: no need of communication cable layout, greatly reduce the installation cost.

6. Micro-computer and microstorage technique: high integrated and high reliability.


1. The installation shall be done by the professional person of Gas Power Company, and shall be installed according to the requirement of code for management of city gas engineering

2. The gas meters are forbidden to be installed in the bedroom, bathroom and the place where there are flammable, explosive and dangerous goods.

3. The gas meter shall be installed in the good aeration place, and shall be convenient for reading, observe and overhaul.

4. The gas meter shall be installed vertically, and cannot slant, and the vertical missing should be less than 1mm, the horizontal distance between the gas meter and the gas stove shall not less than 300mm

5. Do not install power socket and wire near the gas line, and the distance shall not be less than 300mm. No power wire and electrical equipment 500mm around the gas meter.

6. Please pay attention to the direction of inlet and outlet, and choose the right gas meter, because it cannot be installed reversely.

7. Screw thread is forbidden to be filled with any sealing objects.

8. After finish the installation, should test the leak tightness. And if it is qualified, then it can be used. Before inflaming, should discharge all of the air inside the gas meter and pipeline.

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