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Yokogawa/AXF magnetic flow meter's introduction

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The Yokogawa AXF electromagnetic flow meter has the diagnostic function of replaceable electrode and electrode pollution degree, easy to maintain. And, AXF use dual-frequency excitation method  (diameter of pipe less than  400mm/16in is suitable), greatly reduce fluid noise. In addition, an enhanced dual-frequency excitation mode is optional, suitable for more demanding applications ensures higher stability and faster response.  

The Yokogawa AXF field bus electromagnetic flowmeter has specifications based on the foundation™ field bus, more flexible instrument configuration through higher levels of communication capability, and save the cable through the multi-point connection, to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost. 

User-oriented performance

Diagnosis of electrode pollution contamination

 The amount of insulation accumulated on the electrodes is monitored continuously to determine when maintenance is required. 

Optional replaceable electrodes are made easy for removal and cleaning.

Flexible wiring port orientation

The converter and terminal boxes can be transformed to match the wiring position at the installation site.

Clear and rich display functions

Large full dot backlit lcd display can display a variety of information in three rows. When alarm, a full description of the reasonable countermeasures is shown.

Easy setting

The most commonly used parameters are collated in a collection, located at the top of the display. The use of infrared induction switch can complete the parameter setting without opening the machine cover.

Run quickly after the installation

AXF Parameter setting was completed upon delivery, opearation after the installation and wiring ends.

Extension of the product family

Improved accuracy specifications

Standard accuracy is the read number 0.35%. Using selections allows for higher accuracy. 

The correction accuracy is the  0.2% of reading number.

Small caliber flange type

Provide 2.5mm small caliber flange type

Various sanitary processes are connected

Provide multiple sanitary process connections, include Tri-Clamp, ISO, DIN and SMS.

High speed pulse output

Enhanced dual-frequency excitation

 Enhanced dual-frequency excitation mode can be selected. Provide highly stable measurements for high concentrations of serous or low conductivity fluids.

The min conductivity reaches 1µS/cm

 The newly designed axf converter can achieve fluid measurements with a minimum conductivity of 1 µs/cm.

(Depending on the tube diameter and the fluid conditions)

High speed pulse output

High speed pulse output 10,000pps (pulses per second each second pulse), for short-time batch applications.

Specification of Yokogawa AXF electromagnetic flow meter:

AXF Isolated sensor

AXF integral type

AXFA14 converter


inside nominal diameter

Depending on the type of mold

Depending on the type of mold

Applicable pipe diameter 2.5~400mm

Applicable pipe diameter 2.5~2600mm


conventional type,explosion proof type,
Health type, diving type

conventional type,explosion proof type,
Health type

conventional type,explosion proof type,

Conventional type

fluid temperature

-40~160℃ (-40~320℉)
(health type  -10~160℃ (14~320℉))

- 40~130℃ (-40~266℉)
(health type -10~130℃ (14~266℉))



Enviorment temperature

-40~60℃ (-40~140℉) depend on the type of mold



0.35% of rate (seleted 0.2% of rate)

Fluid conductivity

1µS/cm above (Depending on the tube diameter and the fluid conditions )

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