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UHZ Level Meter Magnetic Level Gauge Type

 Series UHZ magnetic liquid level indicator, it can be used to measure the liquid level of kinds of vessels in the shapes of water tower, kettle, groove and ball as well as boiler furnace. It can be used under high-sealing, leak prevention, high pressure, high temperature and corrosion condition, which is safe and reliable.

 Parameters of UHZ magnetic liquid level indicator:

Measurement Range




Dia. of  Turn Column


Operating Pressure

 ≤10.0Mpa (>10.0Mpa can be separately designed ); anti-corrosion type ≤1.0Mpa

Medium Density


Medium Density Difference


Medium Temperature


Medium Viscosity


Equipment Vibration

 Frequency≤25Hz, Amplitude≤0.5mm

Follow Speed


Connecting Flange



Product Installation



Dorun Advantages

 UHZ magnetic stainless steel top/side/bottom mounted liquid level indicator

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